Finances is a very wide and broad topic with so much to cover. We will go over the basics of finance to help boost your success in the money world. For example, how to set a budget. Why is this important? It is the back bone to adult-ing and will need to be used throughout the rest of your life. And if you want to follow your dreams, you’ll need to follow some rules of financing.



1) “When you’re starting out, budget planning can be challenging. Your income is probably low, you’re new at budgeting and you don’t have any assets. Yet, the basics of budgeting are the same for everyone whether you’re dealing with college textbook expenses, paying for your children’s braces or saving for later years.”

Budget Planning for 18 Year Olds

2) “Whether you choose to budget on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, a budget plan keeps you on track for long-term goals and prevents spending mistakes. Young adults frequently start out with a daily budget plan that they personalize based on needs and priorities.”

Daily Budget Plans

3) “Basic concepts Americans should know in order to manage their money well”

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Money

4) “As you’ve found, debt accumulates very quickly and can easily become an overwhelming burden. There are lots of products and services on the market that may promise temporary relief from your debt—and some of them can.”

Debt Traps

5) “The best way to avoid never-ending pressure from creditors to repay overdue bills is to not let the bills become overdue in the first place — or better yet, to avoid getting into debt at all (to the extent possible). ”

Tips for Avoiding Debt

6) “Some may say it is an old, technologically-outdated activity — after all, most people can or do bank online. But if your child does not understand how checkbook balancing works, he is at the mercy of his bank!”

Balancing a Checkbook

7) “After every month, your bank will send you a checking account statement.  The statement is the bank’s record of all activity that occurred with your checking account, including checks written, deposits, ATM withdrawals, fees, etc. ”

“Using this statement, and your checkbook, use the following steps to balance, or reconcile, your checkbook.”

Balance Your Checkbook

8) “Owning a home is part of the traditional American dream, but some believe it’s a dream meant only for people with good credit or a significant income. Fortunately, that isn’t always the case. A few hiccups on your credit history don’t have to spell a lifetime of renting. You could still qualify for a mortgage.”

Do You Need Good Credit to Buy a House?

9) “. I hope to shed some detailed light on how you, too, can accomplish the seemingly impossible feat of moving out on your own. I won’t give you any unnecessary information and I’ll try not to lecture. I just want you to know everything I know now in hopes that you will be fully prepared for what is to come.”

Getting Your First Apartment–A Guide For Young Adults by a Young Adult

10) “If you’re thinking of leaving home, there’s a lot to consider. Much depends on whether you’re over or under 16 years old.”

“Leaving home means more independence and more freedom. It also means you need to be responsible for looking after yourself. You will have to find a place to live, learn how to manage on your own and start supporting yourself financially.”

Young people looking for a place to live



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