“Walking” doesn’t seem to quite fit the profile of adulthood, especially for those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Adulthood is mostly looked at like a trip and fall in an East St. Louis, IL park and nothing is shared but the common characteristics of stress and responsibility. You remember being a kid at a birthday party, hitting the piñata thinking you’ll get candy, in adulthood, instead you get the voluptuous embrace of debt, relationships, and the constant thought of “Wow, being an adult is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”  Almost worth reliving middle school, right? Wrong. The first step to adulthood is to be aware that for the past 18 years, you’ve spent it depending on your parents or other people to survive, but when your time comes to grow up, you must spend 60-80 years, more or less, on your own. You enter it with no one’s hand to hold. Sounds overwhelming? Of course, it does! But the purpose of this blog is to reduce those fears. It is to provide teens, young adults, or adults of any age some helpful knowledge about becoming an adult. Weather it’s financial skills that need to be learned, social, biological, or self-sustaining. So, entering adulthood can seem less like tripping through the dark, and more like, well— walking.